Public Keys

If you want to contact me, consider using end-to-end cryptography. For reference, I publish the public keys for the different channels here. Obviously, you should not put all your trust into this single source here.


I will publish my GPG keys soon…

OTR Keys

As I use a number of different clients, I have multiple active OTR keys:

4a2fef81 4f878ed3 1902a8d7 4cec6586 c14297dd (desktop, agdsn)
06b7d10d 3827009f e8507fe0 722d9aab b9773bf3 (desktop, personal)
c81f7c36 1b09ac7b 6a752e24 0a1b1308 95bdbc4e (mobile)


As I only use OMEMO on my smartphone, you should try OTR first.

0e1b0573 ed3aa3c3 3bb69eac db73ad67 19c20760 5dc1d931 7d7f121b 24b4195d (mobile)

S/MIME Key (IWR Uni Heidelberg)

fingerprint: 21:1B:DC:41:A3:02:09:14:4F:07:C1:9E:1F:06:04:4C:95:D1:45:36

Hi, I’m Stefan Haller.

About coding, research, photography and random thoughts.